Stemying betting addiction in Kenyan Schools

Betting in Kenya among the youth has really taken off ever since Sportpesa set up in the country .Several unique factors have controbuted to make Kenya a gambling mecca .Among them is the widespread use of mobile money and mobile wallets ,Kenya’s get rich quick culture and the general high level of joblessness and poverty .As school teachers ,we have seen the behaviour creep up in schools.

Just last week we confisicated 10 smartphones from students that were used to bet on sports .Students think that by logging into sportpesa ,they can make quick cash .The others have a habit of using websites that have sprung up around the sportpesa ecosystem .The many websites that offer tips like they offer betting tips for sale .The entrepreneural Kenyans behind such sites definately make more money betting than the students .

That is the reason why we need to arrest the gambling phenomena before it takes root in the country .The government needs to insist that betting companies take stringent measures to ensure that kids do not use their platform to bet .Teachers on the other hand need to keep emphasizing that betting can never be a productive economic activity .The allure of quick riches and the get rick quick mentality should be discarded.Gambling is addictive and organisations like Nacada need to come onboard and help in arresting the scourge.

Websites like

that purport to offer tips should be told in no explicit terms that they should put disclaimers that they are not 100%  accurate.

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